St Peter’s has been a place where people in the parish and those in the church community mark the significant moments of life and come together to share memories and acknowledge the pain of bereavement. It is a privilege to be able to journey with people through grief and loss. 

A funeral is the opportunity for friends and family to express their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now completed its journey in this world.

St Peter’s Churchyards are now closed and Kinver Parish Council will provide alternative places of burial at Comber Ridge. The Clergy can carry out the service there instead of the church or crematorium. However, if a family member dies and there is an existing family grave in the old churchyard beyond the Shirlaw Gates, they have the right to be buried there if there is room, with their ancestors.

St Peter’s also has a dedicated area for the interment of ashes.  This is situated within the churchyard, beside the Lych Gate. This is only for residents of Kinver, as space is limited.

Funerals can take place in church or members of our Ministry Team can conduct funerals at the crematorium. This link about funerals may provide you with some helpful information. Your funeral director will get in touch with us directly and make the necessary arrangements.

We offer pastoral care and support to bereaved families, who are also invited to our All Souls service at the beginning of November. If you would like to make enquiries about pastoral care for bereaved families please click here to contact us.

All Souls Service

At the beginning of November each year we hold a special service for the families we have conducted funerals for. It is a quiet, reflective time together in church when we remember our loved ones. As each name is called we place a dove upon the olive tree and candles are lit. 

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